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MNZ values your safety and keen on delivering top of the market security solutions to you
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We have over 10 years of experience

Who are we?

MNZ was established in Dubai U.A.E. in 2013, but is currently headquartered in Smart Village a technology hub in Egypt.

We are focused on cyber security professional services, with a professional 24/7 Security Operation Center in the heart of our company offering a diversity of managed security services.

We enjoy strong technical expertise, enabling the delivery of high-quality cyber security services that directly impact your security posture and enhance your ROI.

We have a strong partner network with leading global vendors including Fraud Watch International, Terranova WW Corporation, and AT&T Cyber Security.

MNZ Caters to all sizes of businesses and highly regulated industries such as financial services and governmental entities. Diverse management team with years of experience.

Why choose MNZ?

By choosing us you will open endless possibilities of how you can you defend your business at a highest security level. Also cater your needs to deliver the optimum security solution for you.
We focus on our business relationship to be a lifelong investment and to continuous success

Over 10 years experience

Experienced management team with more than 10 years of cumulated professional experience

100 % focused on cyber security

Our primary focus is solely for cyber security, to give you the best quality in the market

On-board professional calibers

Our team is of high-caliber professionals in the security field including consultants,analysts and engineers

Fast growing company

Our success rates is rather high than usual, thus emerging the market with fast pace.

Caters to all sizes of businesses

No matter the size of your business, we specifically cater solution for you.

24/7 support

We are always up to any threats in any time to protect your business from any threats that could occur regularly

Immediately start protecting your business, and get in touch with us to know more how could your business be immune from any threats