Enterprise brand protection

Protect your product against counterfeiting and market diversion

The most valuable asset you have in your company is your Brand. And it’s also your rival's biggest attack spot.

Cyber attacks exploit brand trust to deceive your customers, this happens through phishing malware. When attackers impersonate brands on the internet and mobile app ecosystem, they damage your brand and put your customer's safety at a high risk.

Our Technology partner ‘FraudWatch International’ evaluates potential brand abuse issues, to determine the potential of take down or removal of the infringing brand content.

ENTERPRISE BRAND PROTECTION SUITE is a comprehensive suite of services that protects your business brand from abuse by addressing threats completely in a very fast and effective way.

Our brand protection provides you with array of features to safeguard your brand

  • Brand abuse | Protecting the organizations from the act of being impersonated, through emails and fake websites which are used to gain private information, such as login credentials and credit card details.
  • Pre-attack | Domain Registration Monitoring
  • Attack detection |  Monitoring of malicious servers & websites
  • Mitigation |  Phishing redirection shutdown
  • Incident take-down |  Fastest possible take down time, every time
  • Web Log Monitor |  Pre-attack,early detection of phishing sites
  • Interceptor|  Immediate detection of the phishing sites
  • Real Time Monitoring | Global Honeypots / spam traps to capture malware samples and analyze malware development trends
  • Forensic Analysis |  Extensive malware analysis to identify all relevantattack vectors and malware behavior
  • Attack detection |  Monitoring of malicious servers & websites
  • Mitigation |  Shut down of all relevant attack vectors to disrupt the malware in every way possible (Malware Download/infection points, Comm and Control, Drop Zones and malware re-directions)
  • Incident take-down |  Fastest possible take down time, every time

Immediately start protecting your business, and get in touch with us to know more how could your business be immune from any threats

Mobile phishing threats

Avoid unauthorized Mobile apps from impersonating your trustworthy brand

With the enormous uptake of mobile apps, a new channel for online fraud has emerged. Unauthorized Mobile Apps, impersonating a brand,entice users to download and install them on their mobile devices.

Mobile Apps can be used maliciously and some contain malware.
These can be used to:      
Send login credentials to a criminal
. Allow for browser sessions to be hijacked
. Take control of the mobile device, or Facilitate
“man in the middle” attacks

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