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Here's what we do.

Here at MNZ we provide many solutions for your business to be at a highest form of protection against cyber threats
Application security assessment

Test your application's security to know how to prevent it from any future attacks

Managed security services

Strengthen your security environment by having a central navigation over your system and oversea any threats on the way

Network penetration testing

Identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your networks and systems before other intruders are able to find and exploit them

Governance risk & compliance

MNZ provides high caliber readiness programs to gain compliance for ISO 27001,SWIFT and PCI DSS

Cyber security awareness

Equip your company with knowledge on understanding cyber risks and how to prevent from such threats

Enterprise brand protection

Protect your business brand from any theft completely

Skyrocket your cyber security defense and fortify your business from any threats permanently
We manage to tackle every micro-detail in your security environment to help protect your business in the highest level

Revolutionize your Application security

When not properly hardening and testing your applications, this could allow attackers have access to sensitive data or even lead to ruining and taking complete control of your system without you even knowing it happening
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Why MNZ?

We cater to all sizes of businesses and highly-regulated industries (such as financial services and governmental entites)

Strong partner network with leading global vendors including Terranova WW Corporation, A1QA, Alien Vault, and Fraud Watch International

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