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For the last few years, GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) has become one of the important topics in the business and IT sectors, especially in a large organization

Organizations should address today’s challenging business environment. Large companies are not the only ones that face issues concerning the GRC but also small businesses, nonprofit and government agencies.

MNZ provides high caliber readiness programs to gain compliance for ISO 27001, SWIFT and PCI DSS. This will help our customers achieve easier certification acquirement and give guidelines on how to maintain these certifications

our compliance regulations

What is ISO 27001 and how it works?

ISO 27001 is a specification for an information security management system (ISMS). An ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organization's information risk management processes.

In order to implement ISO 27001 in the most efficient and effective way, 4 phases need to be followed.

Phase 1 | Planning and preparation
In this phase we analyze the organization and go with the best implementation plan and schedule for the project.We get top management’s approval and support and create the scope that the project will follow.
Phase 2 | Risk management description
In this phase we create the inventory of assets and create the risk management methodology. This include creating a risk assessment plan and a risk treatment plan.The statement of applicability is also created in this phase.
Phase 3 | Implementation and Remediation Description
we start implementing the controls (from Annex A)that are required to ensure the organization’s security in regards to the ISMS. This is the phase where most of the policies and procedures are written that the company needs to follow in orderto acquire ISO 27001 certification.
Phase 4 | Pre-Certification Activities Description
we review the reports from the controls that have been implemented in order to do the necessary changes to secure the organization.

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Benefits of ACQUIRING iso27001

Benefits of adding GRC to your business

Secure an organization’s information
When properly securing company data, you'll avoid many data threats
Improve management and integration with corporate risk strategies
You'll ensure information is accurate and only be modified by authorized users through approved channels.
Win new business and sharpen your competitive edge
By having GRC regulations, you'll increase your reputation among the market
Avoid the financial penalties and loses associated with data breaches
Data breaches can cause a lot financial damage and in some cases takes more than 6 months to recover from a data loss.