Network penetration testing

Identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your networks and systems before other intruders are able to find and exploit them

In our modern time, a tremendous amount of high-profile security breaches is exposed in the media headlines and affecting a lot of business and exposing them at a high risk. Modern hackers are developing new ways for sophisticated malicious attacks, and the numbers are growing every single day.

Having anti-virus software and a firewall, as well as assuming that your business is secure, is no longer enough. Modern businesses require an advanced approach to securing their environment. They need to test their protection against cyber security threats, and to do so you need a well-trained professional penetration testing team to assess your company’s security health.

Here at MnZ, we have a team of highly experienced and certified penetration testers that performs Network Penetration testing. This is done to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your networks and systems before other intruders are able to find and exploit them.

Perks of having network pen testing

Key benefits for your business

By having network penetration testing service you'll dramatically transform your security to the next-level

Reducing client-end attacks
When you know which attacks to expect, you can know what signs to look out for and should also be in a position to appropriately update your applications
No more unknown security gaps
Our team studies your security levels extensively to know which gaps that needs to be filled, thus blocking any future attacks from external hacking and always keeping your environment secure
Develop efficient security measures
We can provide your company's top management with insightful recommendations that will help you develop a reliable information security system and prioritize your future cyber security investments
Guards your company reputation
Your data and your customer's data won't be compromised,thus increasing your company's trust
how we perform

Our methodology

We use PTES (Penetration Testing Execution Standard) as the best practice and a base approach. It contains a complete and comprehensive approach to penetration testing, covering all essentials components of an IT environment.
The PTES approach to penetration testing is highly flexible, any activity that is not required can be excluded from the security testing scope, which allows creating custom approach for the specific project needs. As the example of such activities, the physical security or social engineering are excluded for the most common projects.

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our teams awards

Certifications of our team

Our team are trained with best cyber security certifications around the globe, they have Offensive Security Certified Professional & Offensive Security Certified Expert. These two renown training certifications allow them to perform security testing on a much higher level

Immediately start protecting your business, and get in touch with us to know more how could your business be immune from any threats